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Sustainable work for Mums

Ask any Mum and they’ll tell you…being a Mum is an ever-moving roller-coaster of highs and lows. It's rewarding, exhausting, overwhelming and there really is no job quite like it. But here at RecruitMum, we believe that for Mothers to be truly great Mums, they need to be happy and fulfilled outside of being a Mum too.

Lives are busier than ever, and families are experiencing some pretty intense pressures as a result. Getting 'all the things' done in any one day feels like a sprint to the end...but with no end! Yet motherhood is a constant driving force and solutions must be prioritised - simply being, more options to return to work and more flexibility to make it sustainable. Mums need balance to fulfill their kids' schooling demands, while also balancing a workable career that they love. And when this happens, we believe those families will stay stronger for longer and be more connected. So for Mum - it's about helping build strong families too.

Advocating for Mums for flexible or part-time employment, ensures Mums can be there for their kids, but also ensure they’re fulfilled, happy and contributing members of the workforce.

In doing this, RecruitMum hope to allow Mums to consistently maintain their careers through transitional part-time work. Because one thing is for sure, life will change. And the demands of our children change. But then later down the track, we get that time back again for other things...perhaps more time in our work or perhaps a new challenge! Whatever the case may be, we want to support Mums to build and preserve an active and healthy role in their children’s lives at each stage, while managing a career they love. 


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