Social Responsibility

RecruitMum is a specialist, social enterprise employment service connecting Mums, with young and school-age children, to part-time work. We do this because:

  • We believe there's a gap in the market for a dedicated service to support Mums with their careers. 
  • We want opportunity for Mums to be able to access parent-focussed work more readily.
  • We believe it's what matters in nurturing our kids into healthy adults.

Cultural Diversity

RecruitMum is here to grow business capability, through culturally diverse hires. This means applying a modern-day HR strategy that encompasses a sincere focus on people, their diversity of thought and where and how best they work.

We can achieve this together through:

  • Affordable recruitment and sustainable employment that considers all ways of working
  • Recruiting from an untapped yet proven talent pool
  • Recruiting to innovate within your business
  • Recruiting to create a better balance between work and life for your staff

Here for the Community

And another reason why you should choose RecruitMum today?
We’re here for charities too.  
As a social enterprise, a portion of our profit is donated to local communities in need. For employers, it's 'your fees doing good' and it’s something that resonates with our ‘Mumazing’ talent.

Join our growing client base of socially responsible businesses doing their bit to make our small corner of the world – a better place for a healthier tomorrow!

Disclaimer: Whilst we are called RecruitMum and our research shows that the demands of raising children and being a mum is where there is a real need for better support, we embrace anyone wanting flex, so all genders are encouraged to be a part of our journey.

About the Founder of RecruitMum

Clare Russell - RecruitMum Founder

Hi! I'm Clare - I'm the Mum behind RecruitMum. I have two kids Mila (7) and Nixon (5), with my husband Glen, who is an Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. In early 2019, while I was in between jobs for what was the fourth time in my life (since making humans), I became frustrated. I was frustrated at the imbalance of full-time work on various job-board sites compared with part-time work. I was also surprised that there wasn't a dedicated employment service out in the market, offering to solve many of Mother's common problems around balancing their careers alongside their family commitments. Enter RecruitMum!

I started RecruitMum to provide a workable and sustainable employment solution for Mums around their careers, as well as offering a unique, diverse and socially responsible service for the employer community, that together could make a social difference. I am excited and hopeful for what the future holds for RecruitMum. Contact me today, and let's start a conversation that matters.


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