Services for You

  • Resume development
  • Support in writing a clear, persuasive cover letter
  • Job interview preparation
  • Professional representation
  • Industry insights
  • Career guidance

It's what You gain along the way

Ask any Mum and they’ll tell you…being a Mum is an ever-moving roller-coaster of highs and lows.  Like in business, it's rewarding, exhausting, overwhelming and there really is no job quite like it. But here at RecruitMum, we believe that for Mothers to be truly great Mums, they need to be happy and fulfilled in their careers too.

The skills Mums gain along the way, simply cannot be matched. Mothers are:

  • Empathetic leaders
  • Critical thinkers
  • Time-skilled managers
  • Task-focussed operators
  • Experienced negotiators
  • Great listeners & conversationalists
  • Change makers

Find your balance

Mums need balance in their parenting, their social needs and their careers.
And when this balance is found, we believe these families will stay stronger for longer and be more connected. So for You - it's about making your family strong.

RecruitMum are different because we:

  • Advocate for Mums into flexible, part-time or temporary employment
  • Are female-focussed
  • Are parent-focussed
  • Appoint you into local employment that's close to home (or at least do our best to!)

Find time with sustainable work

Lives are busier than ever, and families are experiencing some pretty intense pressures as a result. Getting 'all the things' done in any one day can feel like a sprint to the end...but with no end.

However, here at RecruitMum, we can give you back time with sustainable work that: 

  • Suits your lifestyle right now (without the additional pressures)
  • Is part-time, flexible, permanent, contract and temporary based
  • Is parent-focussed and family friendly
  • Can fill a career gap while you up-skill
  • Can enable you to earn while you learn
  • Doesn't empty 'your cup' at the end of the day

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