Services for Employers

  • Job sizing / job description write-up
  • Job advertising 
  • Talent pool access
  • Candidate pre-screening / short-listing
  • Candidate phone & face-to-face interviewing
  • Candidate evaluation
  • Candidate reference/police checking & presentation to client

Ask us about managing your specific hiring campaign OR simply pick and choose what you want us to manage via our pay-as-you-go option. Either way, let's talk about what's going to work for you!

RecruitMum for Employers

RecruitMum's Vision is to become the go-to recruiter for connecting Mums to part-time work. Conversely, our Mission is to connect NZ employers to (what we coin)
'Mumazing', local talent, to grow their capability

RecruitMum are here for all businesses, yet with a focus on SME's ranging from 0-50 employees. We also want to work with businesses who are:

  • Socially minded
  • Owner operated
  • Owners
  • Wanting to achieve a 50/50 gender balance in their work-place

RecruitMum also sees value in culturally diverse hires and works to ensure that cultural diversity and diversity of thought is considered during the recruitment process.

Benefits to partnering with RecruitMum:

  • Better quality candidates for lesser the time
  • Community focussed - access to local hires
  • Lower fee model (ask us for a quote!)
  • Your fees do good!
  • Tax relief - piggy back off our donated profits to achieve social impact
  • Direct connection to a site customised to attract the untapped talent of Mums
  • Allows you time to work ON your business and not IN it!

Let’s make a difference by working together. Get in touch today!


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